Square-2-BT RUCF - 2.1 Multimedia Speaker
LED display Supports USB and SD/MMC Supports AUX Supports MP3 file format Built-in FM Sleep fun..
Sultan-BT-RUCF - 5.1 Multimedia Speaker
Bluetooth function LED display Supports USB and SD/MMC Supports MP3/WMA file formats Buil..
Swift - Wireless Mouse
Rs.333 Rs.249
Advanced optical sensor technology High precision infrared wireless mouse Ergonomic & ext..
Taal-SW RUCF - 5.1 Multimedia Speaker
LED display Ported woofer Supports USB and SD/MMC Supports AUX Supports MP3 file format Built-i..
Thrill-SW RUCF - 5.1 Multimedia Speakers
LED display Supports USB and SD/MMC Supports AUX Supports MP3 file format Built-in FM Sleep fun..
Totem 4 - Wireless Mouse
Rs.333 Rs.220
High precision, Ergonomic and comfortable design Advanced optical sensor technology 2.4GHz technol..
Whale BT RUCF - 5.1 Multimedia Speaker
Whale BT RUCF - The Sound Monster! A powerful 180W RMS 5.1 Speaker Playback via Bluetooth, USB p..
Wonderbar - Multimedia Sound bar
Built-in Bluetooth, FM Wall mountable Earphone compatibility ..
Zeb Cast100 - Wireless HDMI Dongle
Zeb Cast 100 - Wireless HDMI Dongle Mirror your smartphone/tablet screen on your TV wireless..
Zeb Fit100 - Smart Fitness Band
  Zeb Fit100 – is feature-rich smart fitness band, keeps you well-informed of numbe..
ZEB TS102  - 6 Port with USB
Rs.1,349 Rs.1,199
Retractable and extended power cable High elastic and electrical conductive Overload protection,..
ZEB TS202  - 4 Port with USB
Rs.1,249 Rs.1,099
•    Power socket with 2 meter cable. •    High elastic and electrica..
ZEB-1001HMV - Multimedia Headphone with Mic
Single 3.5 mm jack, comaptible with Mobile phones, Tablet PCs etc. With Mic and volume control R..
ZEB-BH555 - Bluetooth Headset
Call function Audio Playback Built-in microphone LED indication Volume control  ..
ZEB-BT351RUF - 2.1 Multimedia Speaker
LED Display Bluetooth function LED display Supports USB pen drives Supports Mp3 file format C..
ZEB-BT361RUCF - 2.2 Multimedia speaker with FM, AUX, SD, USB
Bluetooth function Supports USB/SD Built-in FM Dual subwoofer Full function remote control ..
ZEB-BT6860RUCF - 5.1 Multimedia Speaker
BT functionLED displaySupports USB, SD/MMCSupports MP3 file formatBuilt-in FMFull function remote co..
ZEB-BT9451RUCF - 5.1 Multimedia Speaker
5.1 configuration speaker for your Laptops, Desktop, Television, Mp3 player etc., with mul..
ZEB-CH50M - Magnetic Mobile Holder
Magnetic, multifunctional rotary mobile holder Effectively prevents mobile from falling 360° rot..
ZEB-CH60UM -  Magnetic Mobile Holder with USB Charger for Cars
Power magnets, easy to use Adjustable rotation of 360° Quick speed & high efficiency chargin..
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